Sacha’s Story

I had been yo-yo dieting for a very long time, too long.

Sacha before

My name is Sacha, I live in Switzerland. I’ve been caught in the spiral of diets of all sort which made my head spin but none of them helped me lose as much weight as I wanted, especially in maintaining that waist line that suits me so well.

Yet at the beginning of my program, it was far from won … After many unsuccessful attempts, I was skeptical of the promises made by my Herbalife Distributor. However, I quickly changed my perspective about it ! Not only had my Personal Advisor enabled me to avoid any hungry feelings, but he increasingly guided me on the path of recovery to lose all my overweight.


I’ve never felt as good about myself as of now, I am now progressing with unsuspected vitality rather than, like before, drooling over M or S sized clothes. I can totally now go through these store displays with ease … My friends asked me what I did to lose 10 years ? I replied that I lost 50 kg (110 lbs)  !IMG_3736


With Herbalife products, I have found back shape, energy, healthy nutrition and, in addition, this program has helped me to save money.Since then, I am no longer saving my smile to anyone, neither my sustainable well-being nor my love for life that everyone yearns for….

A Massive THANK YOU to my Herbalife Distributor and to its wonderful products!